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Barton County

We are now known as the Cottonwood Extension District as in July 2017 we joined with Ellis Co. & formed an Extension District. Please use our Dt. website for any information you need.

Barton County K-State Research and Extension office has many things to offer.





USDA-NASS 2016 Kansas Maps - Rental Rates

2016 Non-irrigated Cash rents

2016 Irrigated Cash rents

2016 Budgeting Cash Pasture Rental Rates
2016 Custom Rates


Recent Nex-Tech Videos - Donna Krug presenter

Kids and Cash (Pub. 5/17/2017) - BT Co. Ext. dkrug@ksu.edu

Fixing Funky Foods (Pub. 4/20/17) - BT Co. Ext. dkrug@ksu.edu

 More Plants on the Plate (Pub. 2/21/2017) - BT Co. Ext. dkrug@ksu.edu




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The new 4-H Year starts on October 1.

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