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Barton County

Welcome to Barton County Extension

Barton County K-State Research and Extension office has many things to offer.


2016 Custom Rates




Get your teams together and get ready to dust off your walking shoes!
Walk Kansas 2017 is just around the corner.

2017 Walk Kansas Brochure



12/12/16 Nex-Tech Extension Ed Talk:
Dō-In Meditation

Upcoming Extension Happenings



2017 4-H Day Newsletter & Schedule



The new 4-H Year started on October 1.

2016 -2017 year
under way!

Re-enrollments were due
by December 1st.
New families can enroll at
(by March 1 if you want to
participate in 4H side of BCF)

4-H Online Family
re-enrollment Brochure

4-H Project Selection Guide


Enroll using

4-H Online link
This Brochure might
help make
enrolling Easier!

Give us a call or come by the
Extension Office if you need assistance!!